Make it look great and protect it. surfaces cleaned to a streak free shine. Paint, bright work, rubber, etc.  
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For the boat that needs some TLC
Clean your boat inside and out and protect it from the sun's harmful rays.

Starts at $13 per foot


For those who love their cars
Clean your car inside and out and protect it from harsh elements.

Starts at $120
For those who love their cars.
You name it, this detail comes with it, inside and out. 

Starts at $400



Compounding is the only way to remove severe oxidation, water spots, scratches and paint defects. Compound is used with a rotary buffer and the appropriate buffer pad to level the surface and remove defects.

$100 per cycle
Clay Bar Treatment

Your vehicle's surface becomes contaminated with industrial fallout, brake dust, and other contaminants which break down the vehicle's clear coat. A clay bar treatment will leave the surface contaminant free.

Engine detailing

We use brushes and cleaners to manually clean and degrease your engine compartment, components, hoses, etc. After cleaning, low VOC products are applied to enhance the appearance and protect.


Upholstery / Carpet Shield
 We offer Carpet and upholstery shield for your vehicle's interior. The best way to maintain your interior's appearance is to protect it. If your interior is dirty, we will need to clean it before applying protectant.

$85 - $115
Ceramic Paint Sealant

In addition to detailing your vehicle and protecting its surface, we offer a synthetic paint coating which bonds to the vehicle's surface providing a semi-permanent protection from contaminants and defects. 

$200 - $350
Headlight Restoration 

Having your vehicle's headlights restored can save you hundreds of dollars, improve your vehicle's appearance, and increase your safety. Clear headlights allow optimal lighting making driving at night safer by being more visible to other drivers. 

$60 Per Set
Wheel Polishing

We use state of the art products, techniques, and equipment to polish oxidized aluminum wheels to a streak free, mirror-like finish.  Wheels are then sealed with a protectant to slow future oxidation.

$100 - $200

Interior Detailing 

Includes completely cleaning your vehicle's interior, dash, console, door panels, etc. as well as shampoo carpet and clean upholstery with the appropriate cleaning techniques. Surfaces protected with UV protectant.

Starts at $125


  Boat Detailing

Auto Detailing

We have provided detailing services for residents of Highland, San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Grand Terrace, Colton, Rialto, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chino, Chino Hills, Redlands, Yucaipa, Montclair, Upland, Pomona, some high desert communities, Riverside, Beaumont, and people all over Southern California.  Call today to schedule an appointment for Black's Magic Detailing to return your auto, boat, RV, airplane or motorcycle to showroom condition, if not better.

Black's Magic Detailing

The Premier Inland Empire Mobile Detailing Service

Detail Pricing

All prices listed are estimates to give you an idea of what the detail service will cost. A complete detail on a severely neglected vehicle would obviously cost more than a complete detail on a maintained vehicle. An inspection and evaluation will be done and an exact amount will be given to you prior to beginning any service. Mobile services are available for car, truck , SUV and motorcycle detailing. Because of the amount of time and equipment needed for boats and RV's, mobile services are not available. Boats and RV's can be delivered to us or valet services are available for pick up and delivery.

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Highland, CA, USA




Return your RV to showroom status. Say goodbye to scratches and paint defects, and hello to a like new RV.

Starts at $20 per foot

For the maintained RV that needs a good wash and wax job between deluxe details. 

Starts at $15 per foot

When you just need a good washing from top to bottom to hit the road in style

Starts at $5 per foot

   Motor Coach, 5th Wheel and RV Detailing

Maximize your boat's appearance. Remove light scratches, swirl marks and defects in the gel coat / paint.  

Starts at $15 per foot

For the car that has been a little neglected. Say goodbye to scratches, swirl marks and paint defects, etc.

Starts at $220


Sticker Removal

Tired of those old graphics or the sticker of the team that is no longer winning so you want to change sides? We will remove the stickers and any glue residue leaving a clean surface. ready for the next one or nothing.

Based on size of sticker

Black's Magic Detailing

      Extra Detailing Services



Get ready for the road or a show.
Everything cleaned/waxed  to a streak free shine. Paint, chrome, plastic, etc.