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Question: Will wax get rid of water spots or oxidation? 

Answer: NO. A common misconception is that wax can correct paint issues. Wax is only to protect your paint surface. Wax will make defects shiny. People often try to wax over oxidation. This can make it appear a little better for a very short time. As soon as it wears off, the oxidation is still there. A polish and/or compound must be used to abrade the top layer of clear coat, removing the defects. Wax is applied after the defects are removed.

Question: Should I use Carnauba Wax or a paint sealant?

Answer:That is up to your personal preference, how much you want to spend and how often you want to wax your car or have your car waxed. There are two reasons people wax their cars and toys. Number 1, we all want to look good and number 2, it is vital that we protect the paint. Carnauba Wax looks great and protects very well but has a very short life span. Most companies will say 2-3 months however, in Southern California it is more like 3-6 weeks in ideal conditions (Car garaged, time of year, etc). When Carnauba wax is used on your vehicle, it will be protected and the paint will have a nice, wet looking shine. If you choose Carnauba wax, we recommend having your vehicle detailed and waxed at least every 2 months. Because we know that most people don’t have the time, energy, or money to wax their vehicle every month, many detailers have gone away from Carnauba waxes unless the owner specifically requests it. Paint sealants are synthetic or artificially produced. Paint sealants are designed to bond to clear coat and serve as a protective barrier between the elements and the clear coat to prevent harmful UVA / UVB rays, fallout, pollution, etc from getting to the paint. Some sealants last up to a year or more! Obviously for this reason, the products are more expensive for detailers to purchase therefore the cost of a detail will be more expensive. There are many different paint sealants available today. If you chose to have a paint sealant applied to your car, ask the detailer what sealant will be used and how long it will last. Do some research yourself to find out how long it will last. If you are one of the people who just love the way Carnauba wax looks on your car, ask your detailer to apply both. The synthetic sealant will be applied first so that it can bond to the paint and then the Carnauba wax will be applied. You get the best of both worlds.


Question: How often should i have my car detailed?


Answer:   This is a tough question because it really depends on how the vehicle has been maintained and what condition is it in. If you have not had the vehicle  detailed in over 6 months, it is recommended to have an evaluation done to determine what level of service is best for the paint condition.



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