Highland, CA, USA

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Black's Magic Detailing

Black's Magic Detailing

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for hard working, highly motivated men and women who are able to work with little or no supervision. We are looking for people who possess the following qualities. If you possess these qualities, contact us today.

Commitment - We expect representatives of Black's Magic Detailing to be committed to providing the quality service and standards we have set for the customers we serve. You must also be committed to ensuring the continued success of the business we have created.

Integrity - To have integrity means you are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. You either have it or you don't. Integrity is one of most important qualities we expect. There are two traits that we will not tolerate, a thief or a liar. If you lack integrity, nothing else matters.

 Accountability - We expect our employees to give a days work for a days pay. You will be responsible for collecting money from customers and making sure that you charge what you are supposed to and keep only what you are supposed to.

Loyalty - You must be as loyal to us as we will be to you as well as being loyal to the customers we serve.

Respect - Over the years, we have noticed with many businesses, customer service is either non-existent or has dropped to unacceptable levels. As a representative of Black's Magic Detailing, anything less than the utmost respect for customers and fellow employees is unacceptable.