Headlight Restoration

Everyone has seen the car with the ugly yellow headlights on cars, some of you may have those lights on your car right now. Before 1980, cars had glass headlights. In the early 80's car manufacturers switched from glass headlights to polycarbonate lenses for several reasons. Polycarbonate lenses are susceptible to UVA and UVB rays as well as oxygen penetrating the surface resulting in oxidation. This is the reason the headlights turn cloudy and yellow. Not only are oxidized headlights ugly, but they are unsafe. If the headlights are cloudy, light is not adequately displaced which makes driving at night more dangerous for you as well as other drivers on the road. It will be much more difficult to see and be seen. We offer headlight restoration to restore the clarity and optimal light displacement.

Headlight restoration is a process where we remove the failed UVA screen on the existing headlights. This is accomplished by color sanding or wet sanding the headlights with three different grit sandpapers. After the headlights are sanded, the headlights are then compounded and polished to remove the scratches which were created when sanding. Once the clarity has been restored, a sealant must be applied or the headlights will oxidize again. We use a product called Opti-Coat to seal the headlights. When we are finished, your headlights will look brand new. Depending on the type of car you have, restoring your headlights instead of replacing them will save you hundreds of dollars.

Detailing products

As summer approaches, many people are getting their boats and watercraft ready for the lake. This entails cleaning and waxing the boat so it will look good and be protected while out in the sun and on the water.  At Black's Magic, we use Performance Boat Candy products for all of our boat details as well as on our own boat. We were first introduced to Performance Boat Candy in 2010 while parked in the channel in Lake Havasu City, Az. Tim Weinzirl was walking down the banks in the channel selling bottles of Speed Gloss, a quick detailer used to clean your boat and remove water spots after a day of fun on the water. Tim did a quick demo and we were sold. We purchased a couple bottles and have used it ever since. In 2011, we were doing a comparison of products available for boat detailing. I contacted Tim and told him what we were doing. I also contacted Meguiars, Boat Bling and Just Ducky. Tim sent me a bottle of Crystal Cut Compound, Crystal Cut Polish, Crystal Gloss Wax, Vinyl Clean and Vinyl Condition. Boat Bling sent me a bottle of Hot Sauce, Vinyl Cleaner and Vinyl Conditioner. Meguiar's sent a bottle of Flagship Boat Detailer and Just Ducky didn't want to participate. After using the Performance Boat Candy products, we fell completely in love with them. They are very user friendly whether you are a professional detailer or just want to take care of your own boat. Get yours today @ www.performanceboatcandy.com

Detailing and paint correction

Paint correction is the process of restoring a vehicle's paint by eliminating surface imperfections which dull the surface. This detracts from a true reflection. Polish and compounds abraid microns of the clear coat leveling the surface and eliminating the imperfections. One-step cleaner waxes can correct some minor defects but to really correct defects (swirls, scratches, oxidation, etc.) polish or compounds are needed, depending on the severity of the defects. After compounding and polishing, the paint will be unprotected will need to be sealed with a wax or other protective barrier. 

Waxes, paint sealants and paint coatings are to protect your vehicle's surface and make it shine.

Detailing Costs

People often call for an estimate or quote for detaining services. Many of these people are simply looking for the cheapest quote. The problem with this is like the saying goes, "You get what you pay for!" I once heard a saying "Detailers are like tattoos, good ones aren't cheap and cheap ones aren't good!"


When choosing a detailing service, we recommend that you find out; what is included with the detail, what products and methods will be used, what will be the results, as well as how much it will cost. While the price is important, you need to make sure you are comparing the same detailing services. A customer once called us and asked how  much we would charge to detail and wax a motor home. He felt that $14 per foot was too high so he called someone else who quoted him $10 per foot. A week later he called to schedule an appointment with us. Come to find out, for $10 per foot, his motor home would get washed using a soap which included wax and UV protectant and did not include the roof. Our price includes a wash (including the roof), and a machine wax using a DA polisher with Meguiar's PRC One-Step wax. By using a one-step wax with a DA polisher, minor scratches, oxidation and some defects can be removed. 

Clay bar

Does your vehicle needs a clay bar??

Washing alone will not necessarily remove all surface dirt and contaminants. A clay bar may be needed remove contaminants that are embedded or bonded to the clearcoat.  After your car is thoroughly washed and dried, lightly slide your fingertips over the horizontal surfaces. If it feels rough or textured then your paint needs to be clayed. 

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